by Manbeast

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Released 2014 by Discontent / Vwyrd Wurd


released May 9, 2014



all rights reserved


Manbeast Allentown, Pennsylvania


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Track Name: Old Skin
Another day out of control
I don't look well from what I've been told
Don't bother looking for me
Because you know where I'll be

Wasting away
Track Name: End
Mass genocide
Dooms day is here
The sky is green
The wait is over
Track Name: You Can Only Handle So Much
Like an abused animal, there is no one left to care for me
The least you could do is come and break the chain, please fucking set me free
Track Name: Harsh Realizations
I'm sorry
I've been a bad friend
I hope you can understand

Day after day
The shit piles up
I think that I have had enough

Constantly fucking with my mind
Longing for sleep as the void keeps growing
Empty space inside reveals blood and guts
Not something beautiful

Not something that makes me happy to be alive
Not something that I can be proud of
Not something that I can laugh and shake off
Not something that puts a smile on my face
Not something that puts a smile on hers
Not something that really matters
Not something that really fucking matters
Track Name: Look Back And Feel Bad For Myself
I don't like it
I don't want it
I don't fucking need it
But I can't do anything about it

Day to day life is really starting to get to me
When I look in the mirror I don't know what I see
Deciding what's "best" as I live on the fringe of society
Will I look back and laugh or look back and feel bad for me?
Track Name: Bully II
I'm about to snap in a matter of time
Feeling the tensions build between my eyes
They believe the charade and they believe the lie
That your ridiculous behavior isn't a desperate cry for help
Track Name: Hermit Lifestyle
Sitting in your comfy chair
Keyboard intellectual
You think you've figured it out
Try leaving the house

Who can I impress today?

Sitting in your comfy chair
"I bet they'll love this"
You're a fucking joke
You're getting me pissed

Who can I impress today?

Do you truly believe what you say you believe in?
I can make an educated guess
Track Name: You Can't Manipulate Me
I don't like being called a liar
If I wasn't given a chance
I won't let you keep your tabs on me
I won't do your sick song and dance

Same situation - same place
Same problem - same face
Same struggle - disgrace
I've been here before

You can't manipulate me
Track Name: Daily Physical And Mental Abuse
You can't help me
I'm too far gone
You are only making it worse

Don't even bother trying to lend
A helping hand, to make amends
Dead weight dreams and means to ends
That leave me hanging from the bend
Track Name: Bully I
We got a tough guy
Don't fuck with me

Don't let me see that face
That wouldn't be wise of you
Let me punch that face
Picked on for the last time
Track Name: Master
No control
You've got no control

Make a choice
Or I'll make it for you
Use your voice
Or I'll take it away
Track Name: Hate
I hate you
You hate me
We hate each other
Why even bother?
Track Name: Life's Repetition
Another day, another waste of time
I can't get a fresh start, my life is falling apart
Endless cycle of misery, what's next for me?
I don't see it lasting
I don't want it lasting

Stuck in my room, forced to consume
Life's repetition, can't force volition

Can't stop this vicious cycle
Track Name: Sore
Tormenting inner hell
Only time will tell
Face down in the dirt
Can't you see I'm hurt?

Another shitty excuse
Just leave me here

Pass me on the street
Watch me drag my feet
The wind stings my eyes
Disease is the prize

Another shitty excuse
Just leave me here